They bought or sometimes seized luxury companies from their elderly founders or their incompetent heirs, turned the houses into brands, and homogenized everything: the stores, the uniforms, the products, everything down to the coffee cups in the meetings. Then they turned their sites on a new target audience: the middle market, that broad socioeconomic demographic that includes everyone from teachers and sales executives to high tech entrepreneurs, McMansion suburbanites, the ‘ghetto fabulous,’ even the criminally wealthy. The idea, luxury executives explained, to “democratize” luxury, to make luxury “accessible.” It all sounded so noble. On Wednesday, seven of the officials were arrested in an expensive hotelRead More →

Go beg her to love you. Quietly, privately, on a tropical island you forgot you owned. Just anywhere but in my bedroom.. Yesterday’s qualifying was a good one as they have often been this season. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton appeared to have the edge in the first two parts of qualifying but Valtteri Bottas pulled out an excellent lap (in fact two excellent laps) to take his first pole of 2018. Can he convert it into his first win of the season?. Digital processes have become so advanced that it is becoming very hard to tell digitally printed fabric apart from fabric printed the traditionalRead More →

Taglines are often confused with slogans. Slogans are primarily used in advertising campaigns and only for a short period of time; whereas taglines are associated with the brand identity and while they may change over many years, are expected to stay current for quite some time. A tagline should be designed to be used for a minimum of five years. The county (population 23,750) flirts with the Tennessee and Kentucky borders. Homes are tucked amid cow pastures and tree thickets. But not even this remote corner of Virginia, where coal once reigned as king, is immune from the safety fears inflamed by the February shootingRead More →

When asked what the brief was, Jaideep Mahajan, ECD, Linen Lintas says, “The whole idea was to start a conversation with people and take a leadership stance. Cosmetics enhance external beauty but with this film, our idea is to take a much more meaningful stance on beauty and go beyond the physical appearance of a woman.” Mahajan adds that brands can talk about the physical attributes only till a certain level. If it has to go beyond that, it has to do something bigger, meaningful.. Drink chocolate milk: Milk’s combo of protein and natural sugars, coupled with the added sugars from the syrup, helps replenishRead More →

I think the Commissioner’s Trophy in Major League Baseball seems stately and dignified and generally nice. I like all the pennants. I also have no real problem with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, though I would have re thought the whole fingerprints issue and the football on top looks strangely sinister and menacing I think it’s the angle at which it’s mounted. One of the most popular and stunning variations is the black smokey eye, which can be as dark and dramatic as possible. Unlike other smokey eye looks that get progressively darker from inner to outer corner, this look uses black eye shadow across theRead More →

Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office have had such a symbiotic relationship for so long that it easy to forget that Office started out on the Mac. Back in 1989, Microsoft bundled up the first version with Mac editions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and an e mail app as a limited time offer. It was a hit, so the bundling became permanent, and a Windows version arrived in 1990.. Gmaps pedometer has trails etc labeled, you can your routes, and you can use google earth view to check if there is a sidewalk, tree cover, etc. There is usually a trade off between a serene trailRead More →

Methinks we’ve all become big boys and girls, and we know that any reporting brings some measure of subjectivity. Best the ‘voice’ and the spin in a report is not craftily disguised. We don’t like it in our ordinary conversations. And although the numbers of Americans who “directly support” hardened hate groups or visit their websites is still far lower than earlier decades, it is growing, said Brian Levin, director for the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. “Even if Mr. Trump loses, white nationalism has been dramatically strengthened, unified and broadly transmitted in a manner notRead More →

The people aren’t really shallow, but the movie is. Which is weird, because usually it’s the opposite way around in Woody Allen’s movies. I’ll start with the positives of the film, because me saying that I thought it was kind of douchey is not me saying it was bad. Antes de los trades, estaba claro que el primer QB sera para los 49ers. Ahora se han quedado sin Goff ni Wentz. Pueden lanzarse a la locura de coger a Lynch o Cook con el siete, aunque sera desperdiciar el pick en principio. When locals refer to the souks, they mean the maze of market streetsRead More →

You might agree that a desk lamp plays an important role on most desks. You might not agree, however, that a desk lamp has to be strictly utilitarian. The Robot Desk Lamp by Holmes is a perfect example of how to have a little fun while doing serious work. Brad Katsuyama: The best analogy I think is that your family wants to go to a concert. You go onto StubHub, there’s four tickets all next to each other for 20 bucks each. You put in an order to buy four tickets, 20 bucks each and it says, “You’ve bought two tickets at 20 bucks each.”Read More →

The situation unfolding in Central America looked frighteningly similar. I was determined to do what I could to prevent another Vietnam tragedy. The Committee for Health Rights in El Salvador was formed to see if those of us who were health professionals could make a real difference. Jadilah kami menaiki Katinting. Ini dia penampakannya. Oh ya, kami membayar 200.000 rupiah untuk pulang pergi, katanya sih bisa 40an ribu per orang untuk pulang pergi, kalau ada temennya rame rame, 1 katinting untuk 10 orang. Allah doesn’t end with ‘Bada Alif’ So it can’t become feminine. And another one if the pairs of the body ‘twos’ likeRead More →