But when it comes to the title of which river is longest, the Nile takes top billing. At 6,583 km (4,258 miles) long, and draining in an area of 3,349,000 square kilometers, it is the longest river in the world, and even the longest river in the Solar System. It crosses international boundaries, its water is shared by 11 African nations, and it is responsible for the one of the greatest and longest lasting civilizations in the world.. Yes, 12. Whole. Years. What’s coming back to them is opportunities to invest or perhaps a job as a CEO of an interesting high growth startup. TheRead More →

The same goes for gifts. Nguyen’s parents, who left Vietnam during the war and eventually wound up in the Bay Area, received their first set of Corelle dishware as a housewarming gift around 2003. They have used them ever since, said Nguyen,who remembers sneaking dinner up to his room on a Corelle plate so he could play computer games against his parents’ wishes. Pepsi dropped Tiger’s Gatorade drink. Even though the company insists those plans were long in the works, the move doesn’t reflect well on Tiger’s post transgression brand. Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has ordered its stores in Australia to remove advertising posters featuringRead More →

Once they sign up a business, that additional monthly recurring revenue. I suspect that part of their business plan is to spend a ton on marketing and sales and then eventually reduce that budget to reach profitability. That not such a crazy idea and I would have expected DHH to understand that.. But there a difference between offseason regimens and actually competition. Important as it is for Bryant to remain open to offers, putting pressure on the NBA to reach a deal, there very little incentive beyond his commercial branding for him to take his talents anywhere unless, of course, the move is nothing butRead More →

Done. That it. The LGBTQ+ comm. It seems like a lot of naive mistakes were made early on and then it was grown very poorly and half assed. The only thing that has been going for PHP is that it was part of standard installs for so long that it got wide adoption. I don know how it has improved in the last 4 years.I contrast PHP with JavaScript, another language with an idiotic initial design that I also been working with for 20 years. She says most business leaders are wary of being seen to enter the political fray and generally use their interventionsRead More →

I really, really wanted to like the Garmin Fenix 2. I been using a sturdy, but slowly disintegrating Forerunner 305 since 2006 or whenever they came out. My latest one has a dead button and doesn sync reliably, plus a short battery life. Walk into any bikram or hot yoga studio in the world and you will hear ENDLESS stories of curing scoliosis, back pain of all sorts, and countless diseases. It is an INCREDIBLE gift and if your friend would like to take you to a class he/or she is trying to open your world up to something truly priceless. The idea that yogaRead More →

That not to say that we didn have some fascinating cases in our files. Of around 12,000 sightings that the programme investigated, approximately 5% remained unexplained. We were particularly interested when UFOs were seen by police officers, military personnel and pilots, especially if there was some corroboration in terms of radar evidence, or films and photos that could be analysed by our technical staff.. The fight between Mercedes and Ferrari is as close as it has ever been. On performance they are practically level after ten races. And this is making F1 a thrilling watch at almost every single round. Hey lovelies 2017 has finallyRead More →

This unique design has George own dang face in the sole of the signature shoe. As we know, there are less than 1% of endorsed athletes have been given a signature shoe in NBA. Now Paul George joins several other NBA legends to have their own signature shoes and is now the fourth active athlete for Nike along with LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. “I’m grateful that Jeffrey Lurie not only did not express those kinds of feelings but has proactively been in the community and has reached out to try and hear about the issues that we are actually demonstrating to drawRead More →

Essence magazine hintedat this slow change for their peers when they announced their own September cover, featuring Naomi Campell wearing Dapper Dan for Gucci and interviewed by Andre Leon Talley. Black women covers since May 1970, the magazine tweeted. She obtained full control over the cover from Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour, a source told HuffPost. Our biggest jump yet is starting to create video content using Editor. We started a shared YouTube channel, and a bunch of us have been spending the last 2 months coming up with ideas for videos (mostly car stuff) and It breathed so much new life into theRead More →

But in this case, the performance was more about the brand itself than the clothes. It underscored the Japanese roots of Kenzo and, as the designers said in the show notes, it highlighted their Asian American heritage at a time when they believe diversity is being undervalued. The show put fashion into a broader story about modern culture, history and social shifts. Enter up to 48,000 waypoints, and then have the watch GPS guide you in the proper direction. Watch shows current speed, distance to waypoint and destination, and your estimated time of arrival. Heart rate monitor accurately measures your pulse using a digitally coded,Read More →

That allows a culture to be developed among visitors through memes and other quasi shitposting behavior. Some people will recognize after a few days that the majority is actually serious about the outlandish posts/comments and will quickly leave and feel embarrassed about it (you, me, and many others), but some will make that transition and it becomes what it is today. Needless to say, but this also creates an incredibly insular community when all is said and done.. 2. Term and Termination. For the avoidance of doubt, the Services shall not be used in any index or to create, price or calculate indices or anyRead More →