For much of its modern history, fashion has used sex and sexuality to market itself. Sex became intertwined with power and privilege. And so perhaps, fashion needs to take a hiatus from its sex driven advertising campaigns, runway imagery and the like until it is able to tease all these strands apart.. We fell asleep to waves breaking on the shoreline. 🙂 We were not there solely to rest and enjoy, we worked hard on our other goals we had on that trip. We DID get to enjoy much more, and traveled around that area almost every day. The one consistently annoying thing about smartRead More →

Do not panic if your bobbin thread runs out mid project. This happens to me constantly and I have a few designs that require up to 6 bobbins. Simply stop your machine using your button, cut the thread, take the hoop off, and put in a new bobbin. If you choose to wear the fully closed flats, opt for pantyhose to cover the skin between the shoes and gown. Alternatively, you can wear a floor length maxi that will not show your shoes. Choose the appropriate length of maxi dresses when wearing flat shoes. To actually put their knives against yours, you tell them toRead More →

With no goal time, getting kitted out for Sunday morning was so easily done. No point fretting over every piece of gear just a training run, with the GoPro coming along for the outing. Contrast that to Saturday night prep up for the Gold Coast Marathon! The only thing I did that took more time was taping up my foot.. IPhones, smartphones, iWatch are some of the gadgets being carried by swimmers during their practice, training and other special events. With the invention of iWatch or specifically the Apple watch, swimming has been more fun. Of course, the Apple watch can’t run its function aloneRead More →

Curry just extended his deal with Under Armour until 2024 as well.It must sting Nike a little that Spieth passed Swoosh endorser Rory McIlroy as the world’s top golfer. What’s more, Curry defeated Nike spokesman LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.But Nike doesn’t have to be too bummed. The company’s latest earnings show that increased competition from Under Armour as well as Germany’s Adidas (ADDYY) isn’t hurting it.Nike’s sales in North America rose 8%. Matching up beats per minute to miles per hour for walking, running and cycling became a completely new process which involved clocking footfall frequencies of thousands ofRead More →

Not anymore. Back in December 1999, Fireman who with his wife Phyllis owns about a 20% stake in Reebok won the board’s approval for a turnaround plan. At the heart of his strategy was a return to the company’s roots sharp, provocative design. Let me first say that I love this card. Absolutely stacked. So stacked that the UFC probably should have considered watering it down to put some of the big names towards their UFC on FOX failure. During the fourth quarter, Under Armour year over year revenue growth slowed dramatically to 12 percent because of deep discounting caused by slower foot traffic. TheRead More →

The origins of the shotgun house remain something of a mystery. The architecture was brought to America by Haitian refugees fleeing the revolt led by Toussaint L’Ouverture at the beginning of the 19th century. The first shotgun homes in the United States were erected in New Orleans. I am a big Starbucks fan and I appreciate that they offer loyalty programs as well as high quality products. Even though their product costs more, it is also a higher quality product and isn just cream and sugar with a hint of coffee. The connections that they offer as well as the atmosphere that is provided toRead More →

Horseshoe Falls is recognized as the mightiest waterfall in all of North America. This determination is based on its vertical height as well as its water flow rate. Niagara Falls is located approximately 16.5 miles northwest of Buffalo, New York on the American side of the border. Many objections, especially some of the standard ones such as costs too much, can make a decision at this time, or have to think about it are mere smoke screens and do not represent any real objection at all. Thus you cannot afford to take all such objections at their face value; you have to find the realRead More →

3. TACKLE ELECTION CASHTrump’s plan: He has called on Congress to change campaign finance laws to stop anyone who lobbies for foreign governments from raising funds for US elections. He has claimed to be “self funding” his campaign but has long sought public donations, and employed former hedge fund managers to solicit campaign funds from deep pocket donors.. Make sure you are taking care of your feet and handle things like blisters and sprains properly. If you injure your foot or ankle then you will won’t be able to run or you will have a tough time running or participating in an athletic event. SoRead More →

I Diplo. I not the least bit Jamaican but I use their culture anyways. I Diplo. Brooks left out one crucial thing: Respecting the game. When the Wizards play like they aren’t above competing, when they’re focused and treat every game like an important one, they’re a solid team. They tend to think that you can be a great team only by winning big games. Sommertid er her, lad os nyde alle de aktiviteter, der gr sammen med, og undg irriterende insekter gennem forebyggelse/behandling. Fire ‘ BS sommer; BBQ, Baseball, strande og Bugs! Ligesom mange af jer har jeg min favorit BBQ mltid (ribben) ogRead More →

Even if you can’t make the Boodles, it’s possible to get a taste of tennis fever any time at Stoke Park, with a private lesson on one of the 13 courts. The indoor Smart Court has all manor of snazzy specifications, from ball speed measurement to 3D graphical displays and video analysis. But there’s nothing quite like lobbing balls across the outdoor courts in summer, with the sun glowing across the grass.. Hey, assistant superintendent here. Can tell you that a degree is not needed per se. Now , please don get me wrong! it helps for sure. They should have told me what wasRead More →