Hey Doug thanks for replying. I enjoy your videos, and while I tend to agree with the public opinion about your NSX video, I think I can understand Acura opinion. I think the best points you made in that video were Acura having a lack of another performance vehicle in between, and the NSX being too expensive.. Now this is in complete contrast to the way I shot Ericsson (‘black coffee’). Ericsson was about cellphones, about a certain social class. And it was also a love story. Now let’s talk about business model. The reality is it’s really impossible for a company to claim thatRead More →

In the NFL, king of American sports, the Super Bowl is, for all practical purposes, a national holiday. The game’s broadcast is the most widely seen TV event every year, and about nine of the 10 most watched other programs during the year are NFL games. The NBA and Major League Baseball are also enjoying record setting TV contracts.. Step away from the chocolate biccies; your snacking needs to be smarter if you’re looking to shed pounds. “You want to be making sure that the snacks you are eating are not causing a release of insulin, which triggers fat storage,” says Lambert. She recommends proteinRead More →

Many (most?) people who listen to music for its own sake rather than as background noise have turned away from same ten songs over and over radio stations. They’re discovering music by word of mouth rather than through the music industry machine, and buying (or otherwise acquiring) music online instead of at Sam the Record Man.On the net, songs from fifty years ago or from obscure independent musicians are just as accessible as what’s on top ten radio. In a strange way, Frank Sinatra and Miley Cyrus have become contemporaries.Posted: 2009/08/14 at 11:02 PMI would like to think that the days of non musicians orRead More →

Bacons, cheese, eggs, sausage, ham, and potatoes will also surely give everyone a filling breakfast.Find the Right SetupBreakfast catering Chicago can be set in different styles depending on your needs and budget. Packed meals are affordable, but they are common only if the wedding will not take place early in the morning but guests should be given breakfast because they are already in the venue since the night before. If the catering will be for the actual wedding, nothing beats having a buffet spread for breakfast. Anyway, the hole is pretty wide open on the other side of the road. Two fairway bunkers protect eachRead More →

Pogba as captain gave me a lot of hope today, both in the way he went about the game and his interviews after the match. It was obvious he wasn ready to play a full match but he did as much as he could and I don think there any possible doubt over his attitude left. Similarly with Shaw, I so happy for the guy, he seems very genuine and eager to play and help the team, and we can only hope that this gives him a platform to kick on from.. As corrupt elites strip their countries financial assets and relocate them to theseRead More →

By taking advantage of this valuable tool offered by your golf course, you are sure to improve your game. In the game of golf, it’s essential to know how far you are able to hit your clubs on a consistent basis. By taking advantage of the golf driving range, you will get a great idea of how far your driver can go as well as your 9 iron. The owner of one small cellphone accessory shop on the ground floor sits at a desk, enjoying a cup of cardamom laced Saudi coffee and some dates. The owner, who goes by the name Abu Saud, hasRead More →

CEO Tim Cook and Phil Schiller described the iPhone 7 as coming with a complete redesign. In fact, one can see much of the familiar design language on the new devices although there has been a lot of refinement, including the material used and the hiding of the signature antenna lines. All specs have been bumped up on the two new models. All the evidence shows that when a girl is able to finish her education, stay healthy, delay marriage and stay safe, she not only escapes poverty but her children in turn are more likely to be educated and healthy, and less likely toRead More →

Everybody is educated to become a hero. “In Ur Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.”12. Capsaicin is debilitating to the eyes and airways; that’s why pepper spray is an effective defense weapon. At 2 million Scoville heat units, pepper spray can stop an attacker in his or her tracks. In India, the ghost pepper’s country of origin, the Defence Research and Development Organization once even made grenades with the powerful Bhut Jolokia [source: Chilli World].. The reason behind why most of the people want the most appropriate and also the correct auto insuranceRead More →

He said ‘O ye young people who ever has the means to get married, get married for it will help, to lower your gaze’. Marrying early, is preferable in Islam. It will prevent adultery, it will prevent promiscuity, it will prevent Homosexuality. Many Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people fought for us for freedom for their country. I am devastated at this time Indigenous people got treated like they were nothing but very glad that they fought for our freedom. I didn’t know that Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander were in the world war. Being an owner of a Volkswagen, I immersed myself intoRead More →

I always been active and lean, but dancing several hours a day, 6 days a week, plus weight lifting about 4 days per week, I have trouble keeping weight on. And my booty has significantly shrunk (you can see the old booty in the photo of me in my turquoise bikini). So I going on a bulk! I have a sensitive stomach so it been a struggle. The famous Ark of the Covenant adorned this Most Holy Place. The Holy of Holies was usually located toward the rear of the Tabernacle and surrounded by a thick curtain (Exodus Ch. 25 40). Equity investors benefit fromRead More →