Adidas has released a multitude of ads over the past year that feature similarities such as high caliber players from nearly every major sport, various lines of sportswear, and action packed ad campaigns. Although, across the board, their main focus and message seem to be entirely different than Nike’s. Adidas’ slogan of “Create Your Own” is just as broad as Nike’s “Just Do It”, but, nevertheless, it seems to work for them. Footwear can also add much drama and life to your style. Shoes with pop art prints, graffiti, polka dots and stripes are in vogue among the young. “Printed shoes give a young teenageRead More →

I have no money. I don’t think they are very smart as bankers if they give me thousands of dollars in credit.”Buchanan was a victim of what RCMP say is one of the top three hoaxes in Canada, known as the “grandparent scam.” Con artists posing as grandchildren call seniors, asking them to send money for an emergency. Hundreds of seniors have been victimized across North America.Buchanan has since asked RBC to forgive the credit card debt. Wake up potential patients! Unless you have a doctor who is a practicing artist you may not get the results you have been promised. Plastic surgeons are notRead More →

Bueno es decir que, al mismo tiempo, se crearon federaciones rentadas en Rosario y Santa Fe; pero, a los efectos de esta nota, nos concentraremos en lo ocurrido en Buenos Aires.Luego de los primeros torneos, fueron visibles las diferencias econmicas entre los clubes grandes y los chicos. River, Boca, Independiente, Racing y San Lorenzo generaban las mejores recaudaciones y eso les permita tener los mejores planteles. Y no deseaban subvencionar a los pobres. They passed some of their pain on to us, and likewise we will pass some on to our own children. But there are steps we can take to heal the root causesRead More →

The Kinfolk Table has been released worldwide including my country of origin, Korea! They are selling it in two soft cover books sold separately, as seen here. One of Parker photos of Jay and I happens to be the cover of Book Two (see below) kinda fun, no? Now I just need to somehow find a way to fly myself over to Korea to re visit the homeland see the book in person. Hopefully something to be accomplished in the new year.. EmmaGonzalez, Sarah Chadwick, Nza Ari Khepra, and Jaclyn Corin. “It’s a historical thing that goes into why there just haven’t comparatively been asRead More →

The Place de la Concord is one of the world’s most beautiful public squares, and the largest in Paris. Its hard to believe that, during the French Revolution, nearly 3000 people were beheaded there. The French guillotine was employed for the dirty work. I saw these pics and now my goal is to get a pic of a green flash from the Moon. I did my first attempt in April and didn get it. I may have to drive to get a better eastern horizon am too close to the mountains (the mountains to the west where I get sunset pics are much farther away)..Read More →

At the same time, the graph below shows much more than that increase, indicating that the number of jobs available in 2005 was quite low, if current vacancies are only 12,000. January 2010 marked the point of highest increase, the beginning of the second year of the Obama Administration, although these jobs experienced a slower gradually increase under the Bush Administration (ending 2008). Numbesr of jobs open in this job title have declined from 2010 2012, though.. “The reason behind the trend for very flexible footwear is to give the foot the freedom to move in the way it wants to move,” says Anthony. “TheRead More →

The battery is kept charged by an electrical generator called an alternator. It is a unit typically connected to a shaft on the side of the engine, taking some engine power to generate electricity to charge that battery which then runs the ignition system and lights etc. Electricity is generated by a changing magnetic field. Go for the Gold!!Now that you know some key stretches and warm ups, it’s time to annihilate people in some usatf races. Ultimately, overall speed and endurance has the biggest impact on how well you do in the race, but your form can make you amazing even if you aren’tRead More →

If you’re a fan of breasts, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve actually had a place on TV since 1973. That was the first time a channel intentionally aired a nude human female breast. Prior to that, even cartoon cow boobs had to be covered by a skirt. WHEN THEM CAPS GO POW POW POW. THEM FINGERS GO TAP TAP TAP, THEN THE SHIT GET REALLY. I DOWN FOR PURPLE, AIN NO HOOD SHIT LIKE PURPLE. Jeg br sige fra starten her at jeg p meget tynd is skriftligt denne artikel er anfrt I am mandlige. Jeg vil gemme min kritik af mnd forRead More →

5th July 2010: As you can see, I made it around the Benson Run. The only casualty was my boater, which blew off near the end of the course, necessitating a stop to retrieve it before it was run over by the high wheelers behind me. I finished the ride with it strapped to the saddle.. Not an actual resident but my high school science teacher was a Polish physicist who said that the eastern bloc was heaven on Earth. I used to talk to her about socialism and she was very encouraging, lamenting about how terrible everything was in the west and how sheRead More →

The GOP takeover of the House of Representatives will mean that the weight of recovery from the recession will fall on the shoulders of Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve. A side effect of this will be that the independence of the Federal Reserve will come under increasing attack from economic ignoramuses in the Congress. Additional extensions of unemployment benefits will now be even more unlikely. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe latest viral video to wend its way into my inbox is this trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s highly anticipated Borat follow up, Bruno. The clip is a little, mmm, risqueRead More →