Nike Air Free Trainer 1.0

Nike Air Free Trainer 1.0

They look totally great in a bra, and my bf likes boobs regardless of if they a bit pancake shaped or not. I wear it as a badge that I lost the weight. I 1 point submitted 8 days ago. There are no ‘black and white answers’ yet we are taught to think there is a ‘correct answer’ as we take the spiral staircase of education founded upon an industry of professional testing gurus. Emotional Intelligence is regarded with less than proper respect while soft spoken common sense waxes and wanes with the passage of childhood into middle aged crazy behavior driven by mantras like ‘He who dies with the most toys WINS!’ To be in control of establishing the questions makes one able to eliminate all aspects of thinking about alternatives and allows the status quo to maintain the course. No doubt I could continue for a long time engaging myself in dumping clichs and hackneyed phrases or jargon.

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On Dimaggio hitting streak I don have the math in front of me, but a few years ago I read an article that theorized that Ichiro Suzuki had about a 3% chance of breaking the record. He hit for a high average, rarely walked, and played on a team that scored a lot of runs. These things all helped his possibility of having a long hitting streak..

That doesn mean the redistribution/revolution would be justified, though. In the absence of poverty, with only inequality to complain about, we can only talk about redistributing wealth to placate a greedy envious mob who will get violent if their envy is provoked too severely. It like herding a bunch of animals whose savage behaviour is a known variable that just needs to be managed.

Life is for living! And it doesn’t really matter what’s going on in your life right now whether joy or despair or boredom this is still true. Obviously a life filled with ‘good stuff’ seems to be a life that is easier to enjoy, I agree. But any life yours or mine really can be enjoyed, moment by moment..

My search for the perfect show could have been endless. There was always one more telephone call I needed to make or one more lead to chase down. There could be no more preparing or postponing. If you can do the RX movement, you cannot “practice” the RX movement anyway. The only way to reach the point where you can do the RX movement is to practice and master the scaled version of it. Say, you cannot do muscle up.

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